Inovonics Mobile Duress

Reliable Mobile Duress Solutions = A Faster and More Accurate Emergency Response

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A mobile duress system is integral to any commercial security system, but not all solutions are created equal. When every moment counts, location accuracy is key for a quick and reliable emergency response. An ineffectively deployed mobile duress system without precise location accuracy is nearly as dangerous as having no system at all.

The Inovonics mobile duress system delivers precise location accuracy – room, zone or floor – depending on what your specific location requires, using application programming interface (API) push notifications to integrate directly into a central station, access control or other IP-based software application.

The solution is scalable depending on the location granularity a specific site may require with a high degree of accuracy. A properly installed mobile duress system will deliver floor level accuracy with 99.99% precision, and room accuracy with 90% precision. To learn more, download the Inovonics Mobile Duress Brochure below.


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